About Me



If someone said to Mr. Kudera (Mr. K) as he was growing up that he would one day be a teacher, Mr. K would have thought that person was crazy!  And yet here he is, enjoying this career that seems to have chosen him.  He has been with Glenn Arbour Academy since it opened in 2005.

Every day literally brings new challenges and rewards.  After 31 years of teaching, Mr. K still gets excited every time a student: has a "eureka" moment in science class, finds the prominent "x" in mathematics, enters the [run] command and their code works flawlessly, or finds their hidden musical talent!  As adults, sometimes we take things around us for granted, but as a teacher, Mr. K gets to re-discover life and its wonders on a daily basis with his students.  It is no wonder that the students often refer to him as the "big kid" at school.


Mr. Kudera studied physics, mathematics and geography at the University of Toronto. With regards to music, Mr. K studied music with Mr. John Lummen and received certificates from the Royal Conservatory of Music for both piano and organ.


Aside from teaching at GAA, Mr. Kudera is the organist and choir director of Westminster United Church in St. Catharines, ON.



(written by former student Stephen F. - Gr. 8 Class of '94)